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This page was last updated: June 26, 2017
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1. NO shooting on Sundays until noon (12:00PM)

2. Open all other days 7:00AM until dusk except as indicated in
NOTE: at bottom of this sheet.

3. NO Alcoholic Beverages.

4. All shooting to be done from established firing line only.

5. All Shooters must coordinate with all three ranges when
posting or checking targets at any range.

6. The person who turns on the range lights MUST be the one
who turns off the lights.

7. Keep all firearms pointed in a safe direction at ALL times.

8.Actions MUST be empty and open before anyone leaves the
firing line to go down range.

9. NO vehicles allowed down range Except when using long
ranges or approved handicapped shooters.

10. NO fully automatic firearms or devices promoting rapid fire.

11. NO Extended RAPID Fire!!!
(No more than 10 shots per minute as a rule of thumb.)

12. Remove ALL targets when finished shooting.

13. Paper targets only at 25,50, and 100 yards.

14. NO human silhouette target allowed.

15. NO shooting at cans, glass or exploding targets.

16.Any portable targets Must be placed directly in front of
established berms.

17. Do Not put live ammunition in trash containers.

18. No .50 cal BMG’s

19. Ranges are closed during club functions, unless approved
by a Range Officer or Event Coordinator.

20. Problems or Suggestions, contact a club official,
range officer or come to a club meeting.

NOTE: Range are closed on the following dates:
January thru November on Mondays @ 5:00PM ( Trap Practice )

1st Friday of each month @ 3:00PM (3D Archery Setup)

1st Sunday Until 4:00PM ( 3D Archery Shoots)

Matt Deihl 717-530-5173
Mike Hollenbaugh 717-226-5620

Revised: July 14, 2015

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


1.     Firearms shooting .22 short, long, or long rifle ONLY.

2.      a.    All Guns:  Inspection, cleaning and general handling is to be performed at the table area in the clubhouse meeting room.

  b.   When not in use, long guns are to be kept in the rifle racks provided in the range area.

3.      Rule No. 1 also applies to all handguns.   When not in use, handguns are to be on the tables or in/on gun cases.  Holsters are encouraged for unloaded handguns.  Holstered handguns are acceptable within the clubhouse and range area.

4.      No weapon is to be loaded in any manner prior to stepping to the firing line to shoot.

5.      General target/bulls-eye shooting is to be done from the 50 ft. firing line.  When agreed upon and organized, up to five people may shoot in a relay.

6.      Targets are to be posted within the red lines on the target backing.

7.      Paper targets only. 

8.      Eye and ear protection is mandatory.  (Regular prescription glasses are permitted as eye protection.)

9.      Fee of $1.00 per member or family member per day/$2.00 per guest to use indoor range.

10.  No human silhouette targets.

Range Officer: 

* * * * * * * * * *


1.      Absolutely no firearms, hatchets, knives or broad-heads allowed in the indoor archery ranges.  Only field-point arrows may be shot in the indoor range.

2.      Only approved archery targets may be used.

3.      A fee of $1.00 per member or family member per day or $2.00 per guest per day will be charged to use the indoor range.

4.      No human silhouette targets.

Range Officer: 

* * * * * * * * * * *


1.      All shooters, scorers, and trap loaders must wear ear and eye protection when the line is hot.

2.      Keep gun pointed down range at all times.

3.      Guns must be empty when moving from post to post.

4.      Only load one shell unless you're shooting doubles. For doubles, you may load two.

5.      Keep your action open until it is your turn to shoot.

6.      Do not walk off your station until all shooters have finished shooting.

7.      If there are any problems, either with the trap or a shooter, unload your gun immediately.

8.      When you are shooting handicap targets, there may be no more than 2 yards difference between the shortest and the longest handicap on the squad.  Example: A shooter with a 20 yard handicap may shoot with a shooter with a 22 yard handicap, but not with a shooter with a 23 yard handicap.

9.      Legal shells for competition have shot no larger than size 7-1/2. 

10.  Velocities for shells may be no faster than:

1290 fps for a 1 1/8 oz. load

1325 fps for a 1 oz. load

1350 fps for a 7/8 oz load. 

Larger sized shot, heavier shot loads, and/or higher velocities are considered illegal and are really not needed for shooting clay targets.

Range Officer: 
Bob McClure 717-262-5293
P.O. Box 27, Shippensburg, PA  17257