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2018 NRA Approved 40 Shot Matches

July Match Report

Hello Everyone;

We had a lite turnout this month due to a lot of our shooters heading out to the National Matches in Raton, New Mexico. Good Luck to all of the shooters/spotters that are making that trip. Back to our match, our day started overcast and gray. As we shot the match the rain started and went from no rain to a very light to a medium rainfall and back to nothing. The sun even peaked out at times to spin up the mirage just so things didn’t get dull on the firing line. Due to the rain and the dark skies it was hard to see what the conditions were doing down range. This had some of us scratching our heads as our shots didn’t hit what we were aiming at. But some of us were able to shoot a good score despite these conditions. Vince Dalessandro came out as Match Winner/Iron sights with the High score of the day, beating Paolo Amedeo by one point. Great shooting Vince. Dean Gunby took the honors in the A/B Irons Class. In Scope Mario DeAngelis edged out Mark Chronister by a point to take Match Winner/Scope with Mark finishing 1st Scope. Lots of good shooting in less than good conditions.

As always we want to thank all the people that make these matches possible, the guys and girls that make sure the range is in great condition to shoot, the line callers during the match, our target setters, the crew that puts the range back in order after the match and our Match director. Here’s looking forward to next month, start casting and loading. See you then.

Ralph and Lynn

2018 Match Schedule

March 17
April 21
May 19
July 21
August 18
September 15
October 20

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$20.00 match fee (Super Shoot $25.00).  NRA Classification books will be available for $13.00. - CHECKS PAYABLE TO "Shippensburg Black Powder Cartridge Match"

Competition is open to all but the number of competitors is limited by range capacity, which is 64 shooters (4 relays), except for the March and October matches, which is 48 shooters (3 relays).  Pre-registered shooters' slots will be held until 8:20 on match day, then assigned chronologically to anyone on the pre-registration waiting list, then opened to non pre-registered shooters on a first come, first served basis.
All current NRA Blackpowder Silhouette rules will apply.  Any jury decision will be final.

Current NRA Blackpowder Silhouette classifications will be used.

RANGE OPENS 7:30 a.m. for PRACTICE.  Inclement weather or poor visibility may delay the opening. 

Shooting positions will be drawn at 8:15 a.m.

MANDATORY Competitors' Meeting at 8:40 a.m.  Match will commence at 9:00 a.m.  Range closed the Friday immediately preceding the match for range preparation until 12:00 noon or until setup is complete. 

CHECK-IN and RELAY SELECTION for competitors begins 7:00 a.m. match day.

(but it does help the match run smoother).

Competitors knocking down all 10 animals will be permitted an attempt at "Long Run" records based on current NRA Rules.  Pigs will always be shot after the match.

Prizes will be awarded for 1st and 2nd Overall Winners and to the individual Class winners.  Additional awards may be given depending on the number of entries in each class.  If there are fewer than 3 entries in a class the class will be merged with the next higher class.  The High Overall winner is not eligible for a class award.  The value of the cash prize  and number of awards given are dependent on the number of entries in each class.

Clubhouse  will be open.  

Bring your own food and beverage.  (Drinking water may not  be potable.)

Restrooms and phone (for emergency use -- 717-530-9533), are available in the clubhouse.

10 chickens @ 200 meters - offhand

10 pigs @ 300 meters - any position

10 turkeys @ 385 meters - any position

10 rams @ 500 meters - any position
For additional information contact the Match Director:

Tim Hoke

Phone:    301-535-8844



Shippensburg is 50 miles SW of Harrisburg off I-81 or the PA Turnpike.

Click here for directions.

Super Shoot:

15 chickens @ 200 meters - offhand
15 pigs @ 300 meters - any position
15 turkeys @ 385 meters - any position
15 rams @ 500 meters - any position

NOTE:  Super Shoot Match Fee $25.00; Competitors limited by range capacity of 48 shooters (only three relays run due to time considerations).

**Pre-registration is required**

Click here for a list of pre-registerd shooters



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