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Here you can learn more about our club which is located in south-central Pennsylvania.
Please check back often for updates on our activities and events.
Outdoor Archery Range Update!!!
The 4 outdoor archery target bunks have been replaced.

A reminder...

Field points ONLY!

The club will still be offering 3 NRA pistol courses over the next few months.

The NRA Basic Pistol Course will be offered on Sept. 23rd.
Course topics include: gun safety rules, proper operation of revolvers and semi-automatic pistols, ammunition knowledge and selection, pistol selection and storage, shooting fundamentals, pistol inspection and maintenance, marksmanship, and shooting range safety. Additionally, students will complete live fire training and a nationally standardized shooting qualification while on the range with an NRA Certified Instructor. Students will receive the NRA Guide: Basics of Pistol Shooting handbook, take a Basics of Pistol Shooting Student Examination and receive a course completion certificate bearing the signature of your NRA Certified Instructor.

The NRA Basic CCW Course requires two sessions.
One on Friday night and the second on Saturday.
It will start on the evening of Oct. 27 and continue on Oct. 28.

This course is for students who are interested in carrying a concealed pistol for personal protection while in public. It is recommended for those who have some firearms experience but are new to concealed carry concepts. This explores important aspects CCW including firearm safety, selecting a pistol for self defense, personal protection ammunition selection, basic concealed carry concepts, shooting from concealment, tactical reloading, situational awareness, defensive mindset, holstering, and basic personal defense shooting techniques.

Register for either course at: NRA Pistol Courses

Select either
NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting - Instructor led only or NRA Basic CCW

Scroll down and enter 17257 for the Zip code.
Click 'Search' and the Shippensburg courses will pop up.
Select the course you wish to take.

If you have any questions, contact Andrew Williams at:
[email protected]
Website Changes:
THis website has been updated with a new
'Meeting Minutes' page and a new 'Virtual Tour' page.

Range Closing on Monday Afternoons
Starting on April 10, the outdoor firearms ranges will be closed on
Mondays from 12 noon until dark for mowing the ranges.
Please plan accordingly.

If you witness anything dangerous, unusual, or in violation of our club rules
occurring on the club grounds, contact the club by phone or email the webmaster
Make a note of the date and the time of the event.
We have surveillance cameras on our property.
Knowing the date and time allows us to review the video footage from the cameras.

We have a new, automated phone system.
This system is programmed with the monthly events and or closings happening at the club.
Give us a Call!!! The number is 717-530-9533

If your email has changed
Click here to sign up for email updates.

Photo IDs!!!
Photo IDs must be worn at all times when you are on the club grounds. 


Trap Practice
Outdoor rifle and handgun ranges will be closed from 5 PM until 9 PM
every Monday night from January until November.

Well Maintenance
All ranges will be closed for well maintenance on

Range Maintenance
All outdoor firearms ranges will be closed for maintenance on the following dates:

Groundhog Shoots
The 200 to 800 yard ranges will be closed from 7 AM until 4 PM
for Groundhog Shoots on the following dates:
​September 30 and October 28

Note:  The short ranges, 25, 50, and 100 yards, will be open during the Groundhog Shoots.

June Drawing
All outdoor firearms ranges will be closed on 
June 23 for set-up for the June Drawing
and June 24 for the June Drawing.

Nora Ross Clinic
Outdoor rifle and handgun ranges will be closed from 7:00 AM until 7:00 PM
for an approved shooting clinic on 

Central Penn Winter Trap League
Outdoor rifle and handgun ranges will be closed from 7 AM until 3 PM for  approved
Central Penn Winter Trap League shoots in 2024 on the following dates:

Mid Penn Trap League
Outdoor rifle and handgun ranges will be closed from 2 PM until 9 PM for approved
Mid Penn Trap League shoots in 2023 on the following dates:
May 9, May 16, May 19, May 23, June 6, June 23, June 27, July 18, July 21, August 1,
 August 15, August 25, August 29, September 12, and September 22

Black Powder Cartridge Silhouette Match Prep
The outdoor rifle and handgun ranges will be closed from 7 AM until 12 Noon
on the day before the BPCR Matches to allow for preparations for the match.
The ranges will be closed from 7 AM until 12 noon on the following dates:
March 17, April 14, May 19, June 16, July 14, August 18, September 15, October 20.
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P.O. Box 27, Shippensburg, PA  17257
Please attend the
monthly meetings.
They are held on the second Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m.

2023 Mtg. Schedule:

January 10
February 14
March 14
April 11
May 9
June 13
July 11
August 8
September 12
October 10
November 14
December 12

To report an issue or in case of emergency at the club, call 717-530-9533.

To hear a summary of monthly events, closings, or special events, call:  717-530-9533