Shippensburg Fish and Game Association

BYLAWS (Rev. Dec. 2023)



The name of this organization shall be SHIPPENSBURG FISH AND GAME ASSOCIATION INC. Shippensburg, Franklin County. Pennsylvania, 17257.



The purpose of this organization is to promote better hunting, fishing, trapping, marksmanship, and to conserve and defend from waste the wildlife resources of our country.



The principles of this organization are to indoctrinate and encourage a spirit of true sportsmanship among the members of this organization and all others with whom we come in contact, and to inform the public of the sportsmen’s contribution to conservation. To observe all conservation laws of the United States and of the Commonwealth.



Section 1. Membership shall consist of three (3) categories.

A. Adult—Voting members eighteen (18) years of age or older. 

B. Junior—Non-voting members twelve (12) through seventeen (17) years of age who must be supervised by an adult member eighteen (18) years of age or older while using the facilities of the Association. Junior members cannot hold office or vote.

C. Life Member:
(1)  A member who is at least sixty-five (65) years of age or older and has been a member of the club for the previous consecutive twenty (20) years may request a life membership at no cost.  The request must be made in writing to the President and presented at a general meeting.

(2)  A life membership may be awarded to an associate for exemplary service to the organization with the 100% approval of the Board of Directors and at least two-thirds (2/3) vote of members present at the meeting when the award is suggested.

Section 2. All applicants will be accepted at any time but no memberships will be given until approved by a majority vote of the Association at the next monthly meeting.  Membership cards will then be issued.

Section 3. There will be an initiation fee levied and established annual membership dues.  

A. Junior membership dues and initiation fee shall be one-half (1/2) of adult.

Section 4. 

A. All active members of this organization if called to active military  duty will be granted free membership for a full year of which three (3) months or more thereof are served in the Armed Forces of the United States of America.  Proof of service is required.

B.  New Applicants to the organization who are active members of the armed forces must pay the initiation fee.  Annual dues are waived for one full year or as long as the applicant is on active duty.

Section 5. Membership dues must be paid by January 31 of the current year.  There will be no exceptions.

Section 6. The total number of members can be capped by the Board of Directors at any given time.



Section 1. The Bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meeting by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present, provided further that ninety (90) days or three (3) meetings elapsed between the date originally presented and the date of adoption.

Section 2. All proposed amendments must be presented to the President in writing.



Section 1. The general membership meetings shall be held the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. 

Section 2. Special meetings may be called by the President.

Section 3. The proceedings of the Association, its officers, and committees shall be governed by, and conducted according to the latest edition of Robert’s Rules of Order, which shall be the final authority in case of objection.

Section 4.  At any regular meeting there must be at least fifteen (15) active members present to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business of the Association.


Order of Business

The order of business shall be:

1. Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America:

2. Roll call of Officers;

3. Reading of minutes of proceeding meeting;

4.  Reading of minutes of Board of Directors meeting;

5. Report of Corresponding Secretary;

6. Report of Treasurer;

7. Reports of Committees, Trustees, and the Board of Directors;

8. Old business;

9. New business;

10. Adjournment;

11. Program.


Election of Officers

Section 1. The election of officers shall be held annually at the January general membership meeting. The term of each officer-elect shall begin at the end of that meeting.

Section 2. All nominations for the annual election shall be made at the general membership meetings held in the months of October, November and December.

Section 3. All elections of officers shall be made by ballot. Absentee ballots are permitted provided a member in good standing signs the ballot. Absentee ballots must be received by an officer of the Association prior to the normal election.

Section 4:  There must be an election by ballot.



The officers of this association shall consist of:

1. President

2. Vice President

3. Treasurer

4. Recording Secretary

5. Corresponding Secretary

6. Membership Secretary

7. Board of Directors, which shall include fifteen (15) elected members and the President, Vice President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 1. Duties of Officers

A. President:

It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the Association and to enforce a due observance of the Constitution and By-Laws. He shall be an ex officio member of all committees, shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors and shall appoint all committees.  

B. Vice President:

In the absence of the President, the Vice- President shall perform all the duties of the President and at all times shall assist the President when and as required.  The Vice President shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors.

C. Recording Secretary:

It shall be the duty of the Recording Secretary to keep and preserve accurate minutes of all meetings. The Recording Secretary shall make all their records available for annual audit or to any member upon written request and shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors.

D. Membership Secretary:

It shall be the duty of the Membership Secretary to collect all dues or assessments and turn all moneys over to the Treasurer immediately, taking their receipt there from.  They shall maintain the roll of membership designating those who are Adult, Junior, and Life; they shall make their records available for annual audit or to any member upon written request.

E. Corresponding Secretary:

It shall be the duty of the Corresponding Secretary to carry on the correspondence of the Association and keep records thereof.  The Corresponding Secretary assists Membership Secretary in maintaining current club membership records and assist in preparation of club news bulletins to the membership as deemed necessary.

F. Treasurer:

The Treasurer shall receive all moneys and keep an accurate account of receipts and expenditures.  They shall pay no bills other than general operating expenses, nor disburse any money of the Association, except upon order of the Board of Directors.   The Treasurer shall give bond if and when required by the Board of Directors, the cost of such bond to be borne by the Association. They shall produce records of all receipts, bills payable, and account books for audit at least once a year and upon demand of the Association. They shall report the state of the Treasury at the close of each calendar year and more often as may be required by the Association or the Board of Directors.  The Treasurer shall be a voting member of the Board of Directors.

G. Board of Directors:

The duties of the Board of Directors shall be to promote the best interests of the Association, to have control of the finances of the Association, disburse all funds of the Association, and be responsible for the entire management of the Association.

(1) The Board of Directors shall elect a chairman from among themselves annually, and shall call meetings at least once a month or when there is business to be acted upon.  The Chairman will only vote in the case of a tie.

(2) This board shall consist of the President, Vice President, Treasurer and Recording Secretary who are automatically appointed to the Board plus fifteen (15) members as elected by the Association.   The elected members of the Board shall serve a term of one year.  

(3) Nine (9) members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum thereof.

(4)  The Board of Directors shall meet on the Wednesday following the regular monthly membership meeting.

(5)  The Board of Directors will submit to the Association minutes of their meetings to include general business, motions that were voted on and/or other pertinent information.

(6)  The Board of Directors shall have the power to revoke any membership for any reason at any time.

H. Board of Trustees:

(1)  It shall be the duty of the Board of Trustees to care for all property of the Association. The Board of Trustees shall approach the Board of Directors with any maintenance needs that require the expenditure of funds.

(2)  The Board of Trustees shall organize by selecting a chairman. Vice-chairman and Secretary among themselves. 

(3)  Members of the Board of Trustees shall be elected for a term of one (1) year.

Section 2. Qualifications of officers, directors. and trustees.

A. All officers, directors, and trustees shall be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.

B. Any elected officer of the Shippensburg Fish and Game Association must be a member in good standing for at least two (2) consecutive years prior to their election.   


Recall of an Officer

Section 1. If a written request urging the recall of an officer be signed by a majority of the members of the Board of Directors, or by fifteen (15) active members of the Association at large, and filed with the Secretary prior to a regular meeting of the Association, the President shall present said request to the Association for a vote.  If by a three-quarters (3/4) vote of the members present, provided that a quorum is present, as herein defined, the request is concurred upon. The office shall be declared vacant, and a special election shall be held at the next regular meeting of the Association to fill the vacancy.

Section 2. If any officer is absent from three consecutive meetings of the Association without just cause, that officer will automatically be recalled and the office declared vacant and subject to Section 1.



Section 1. The President will appoint all committees. 

Section 2.  The first person named to the committee shall be the chairman of that committee. 

Section 3.  The Chairman of all Committees shall present all their business requests to the monthly meeting prior to the Board of Directors meeting.  

Section 4.  The Chairman of all committees or an active participant in that activity must attend the Board of Directors meeting as often as possible.  

Section 5. All appointed regular and special committees when involved in activities are governed by their approved budgets.  Any funds derived from a committee’s activity in excess of $1,000 will be turned over to the Treasurer for deposit except by exception of the Board of Directors. Such activity will be reported at the next regular Board of Directors meeting by the chairman or their designee for inclusion in the Association’s minutes. Any exception to the above will require prior approval of the Club President.



In the event of dissolution of this Association, all rightful and legal debts will be paid. Any assets remaining after all debts are paid or otherwise satisfied will be donated to an organization selected by the Board of Directors at the time of the dissolution. Such organization shall be recognized as tax-exempt under the provisions of the Internal revenue Code section 501 (c)(3) and shall advocate the same purpose and principles as stated in the Articles II and III.


1. Member – paid-up, card-carrying member of Shippensburg Fish and Game Association.

2. Family member - spouse of the member, unmarried child of the member, including an adopted child, stepchild, foster child, or ward who either:

(a) - has not passed his/her 18th birthday and is dependent on the member for over half of his/her support.

(b) - is incapable of self-support because of a physical incapacity.

(c) - grandchildren under the age of 18.

3. Guest - any person that is not a member or family member.  Guests are permitted (3) three visits in a lifetime, escorted by a Member, to use the association’s facilities. After the third visit if the Guest wants to use the facilities he/she must become a member.


1. Any person attending a scheduled association function, archery league, gun drawing, 3- d shoot, etc.

2. The occasional guest from out of the immediate area visiting with a card bearing member.


1.The gate must be closed and locked AFTER ENTERING AND EXITING the club grounds. The gate should be left open only during approved activities and meetings.

2.The initiation fee for becoming an adult member of the Association shall be $150.00. The normal established annual membership dues shall be $50.00.  

3.Junior membership dues and initiation fee shall be one-half (1/2) of adult.

4.Any and all memberships attained in this organization can be lost by derogatory and unlawful actions of the member through their willful commission of acts detrimental to club property or club policies. Such loss or separation can be for a specific period or life of the member. Separation action must be initiated in a regular meeting and the affected member notified in writing.

5.All club members must carry their current year membership card at all times when using club and range facilities, and produce same upon request of a club member. Nonconformance with this requirement can result in suspension from use of the facilities.

6.All members bringing a guest are responsible for the guest’s actions and liabilities.

7.There are a few instances when an event is for members only. These events will be announced as “members only” before the event.

8.Regular monthly membership meetings are held the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00 p.m. 

9.No alcoholic beverages will be permitted on the premises except at Board-approved functions.

10.Any person appointed chairman of a committee must be or become a member of the Shippensburg Fish and Game Association.

11.Building rentals to members will be $100.00 for the first two (2) hours and $50.00 per hour for each hour thereafter, (minimum $100 charge).  The cost to organizations will be $300.00 for the first two (2) hours and $100.00 per hour for each hour thereafter, (minimum $300 charge).  Either room with kitchen use.  Rental to be approved by Board of Directors.

12.No tables or chairs are to leave the premises.

13.There will be a bad check charge of $30 for any checks returned to Shippensburg Fish and Game Association.

14.Horseback riding and recreational vehicles (including but not limited to four-wheelers, motorcycles, bicycles, off-road jeeps, snow mobiles and golf carts) are banned on club grounds unless authorized by the Board of Directors.

15.A member is permitted to have a maximum of 1 guest on the club grounds per visit.

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